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Cube 6

cube0006.gif: a hypertext encyclopedia of this cube.

This is a list of the 8 web pages that make up this description of a cube.

This list is semantically similar to the path shown in cube5 through the translation:

The path of shown in cube5 is not a path of this cube. Other translations exist with the same result (i.e. tree0001 - B, etc.)

However, the web pages which make up this list are syntactically similar to the encyclopedia shown in cube 7. The encyclopedia shown in cube 7 is an encyclopedia of our cube. The translation given below shows one example:

(This is actually a translation of the path shown in cube4).

These two examples of translations highlight two important results. Firstly, that syntactically similar graphs can describe semantically different graphs. Secondly, that semantically similar graphs can describe syntactically different graphs. Therefore both syntactics and semantics are important when attempting to translate ideas.

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Created 22/6/99
Last modified 12/11/99